Enter the Linksys router login password

To sign into the Linksys WiFi setup page, you have to enter the default username and password for your device. Enter ‘admin’ for the username and password of the Linksys router. This is the default value to sign into the linksyssmartwifi.com setup page.

After logging into the Linksys router setup page, you can change the available settings for your device. You will be allowed to make the various configurations such as- changing the Linksys login credentials, configuring wireless settings, updating the firmware, setting up guest wifi and parental control, creating a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account, and more.

However, harnessing issues like linksyssmartwifi.com not working or Linksys router login page not opening is common. There are a number of factors that could result in Linksys setup failure. But by performing some troubleshooting steps you can get rid of Linksys router login issues.